Designing the optimum transaction structure for retail

With an understanding of your objectives, we will develop the optimum structure for the corporate transaction - whether it be to maximise the response, to minimise the cost or any other objectives.
There are many ways to structure a corporate transaction such as a demutualisation or retail offer - and it's vital to establish which approach suits the specific objectives of your company. The right input at the crucial early stage will create solid foundations for a successful project, saving time and money and maximising the response. We have the knowledge and skill to design the best "retail" transaction structure to help achieve all the objectives of your project. This will be complemented by a plan for the transaction logistics that is tailored to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.
The benefits we bring to your business
A clear understanding of your goals and objectives
Plans and approach that fit the overall project timetable and objectives
Detailed planning and testing to make sure that the transaction proceeds smoothly
A defined and realistic budget for suppliers to meet
A detailed and achievable logistics plan & timetable
Minimisation of the risks of failure. The nature of these projects usually means that unplanned delay equals failure, and there is no second chance to come back and do it again. It has to be right first time, and on time!