Low cost retail share offers

Using our tried and successful approach, we can arrange for shares to be offered to private investors in a way that maximises demand at minimal cost to the issuer. The process is straightforward and works.
For straightforward IPOs, our turnkey solution offers a fast, cost-effective way to attract significant demand from private investors (to supplement demand from the institutions). Our approach means that retail offers can be implemented successfully within short lead-times - and at a lower cost than other forms of equity raising. Over the last ten years, we have generated over £3 billion of demand from private investors.
The benefits we can bring to an IPO
A simple, fast and cost-effective way to implement a retail offer to attract private investors
An additional source of capital and pricing tension alongside institutional investors
An opportunity to use the IPO to enhance the marketing of your business and create loyalty amongst your customers
Raising the profile of your company and adding momentum to the IPO
Creating a loyal and long term shareholder base of private investors
Such a retail offer can be implemented
With minimal additional work for management
Without impacting the rest of the IPO process (for example timing and duration, and legal, regulatory & accounting matters)
With no additional ongoing shareholder costs.