Procuring and managing financial printers

Our proven expertise and methodical approach to selecting the most competitive financial printer for your project will prevent costs from spiralling out of control, saving many times more than our fees.
The selection, appointment and management of a financial printer is key to the overall success of your project - and critical to cost control. Because of the time consuming demands of corporate transactions, many companies do not focus on this until the invoice arrives, by which time there is little chance of exerting cost control.
Our input from the outset of the project can reduce print costs drastically, with savings running into millions of pounds for major projects. Alternatively, we can carry out a post-project audit to identify any possible areas for savings. Whichever option you choose, our involvement will guarantee value for money.
The benefits we bring to your business
Our expert knowledge of the print industry and its role in corporate transactions, having managed many large and complex printer appointments
A thorough and well-managed tendering process that allows for no extras at non competitive prices
You retain the final say in the printer's appointment
A detailed agreement with the printer safeguarding your interests at all times
Proactive management throughout the project to make sure the service is delivered in line with your requirements and that costs are tightly controlled
Your team retains control of the day-to-day relationship with the printer and gives them their instructions
No surprises when the printer's invoice arrives
If you appoint us purely to manage your financial printer, we will save you a multiple of our fees - or we won't charge